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At Sharpline Inspections, owner Bill Vascassenno delivers professional home inspection services with a single mission in mind – providing peace of mind to home buyers and sellers, as well as real estate agents working diligently on behalf of their clients. With the expertise that only 15 plus years’ experience can bring, Sharpline Inspections promises to assess each property’s condition fully, exposing any issues which could impede the purchase or sale. 

Every inspector must follow the state regulated Standards of Professional Practice to ensure clients obtain the information needed to make knowledgeable decisions. A home inspection, done well, can remove much of the risk, disclosing current issues as well as developing problems.

What Does a Professional Home Inspection from Sharpline Inspections Include?

Beginning with the exterior, the foundation and framing are inspected, along with the crawl space, basement, or concrete slab, as well as support posts and beams. Next comes the exterior walls, trim, doors, flashing, decks, porches, balconies, railings, as well as steps, stoops, retaining walls, eaves, soffits, fascias, plus grading, drainage, and surrounding vegetation. The roof is also examined including the structure, covering, drainage systems, chimney(s), skylight(s), and all roof penetrations.

Inspection continues of the property’s water main, the interior water supply, drainage, waste system, vent systems, hot water systems, and distribution systems including fixtures, faucets, and pipes. Relief valves and garbage disposals are checked as well. Electrical inspection often follows plumbing, and includes the service drop, entrance conductors, and grounding, as well as equipment, disconnects, sub panels, light fixtures, switches, outlets, receptacles, GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters), arc fault circuit interrupters, and other interior components. The report will also include amperage, voltage rating, wiring methods, and smoke detectors.

Next, heating and cooling equipment, also known as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) will be inspected. This includes inspections for functionality and safety of vent systems, flues, chimneys, as well as evaporator coil, air handler, drain lines, suction lines, drain pans, filters, fans, coils, electrical connections, and thermostats. Insulation and ventilation go hand in hand with heating and cooling and these areas are often checked alongside one another. When insulation is adequate, air leakage is prevented, and energy efficiency prevails. Insulation is also inspected for functionality as a sound barrier and vapor retarder. Home ventilation is inspected as well, including mechanical ventilation systems, and the attic and foundation, along with the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, clothes dryer, and other exhaust systems.

Fireplaces and other solid fuel burning appliances are inspected along with fireplace inserts and accessories amid fireplaces, chimneys, and ventilation systems. Metal inserts and masonry fireplaces including bricks, blocks, and mortar, are inspected for potential safety concerns.

Finally, other interior areas are inspected. Inside, the inspector will access the overall condition of the interior of the home including the interior walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, railings, steps, cabinets, countertops, ovens, ranges, dish washers, garbage disposals, microwaves, surface cooking appliances, windows, and doors. Included with the interior inspection is the garage, along with garage doors and operational components as well as the necessary fire safety barrier wall and any electrical and plumbing in the garage.

Your Role in Your Home Inspection

As home buyer or seller, you will want to be available after the inspection to ask any questions or so the inspector can explain any issues noted during the inspection. If you have questions, ask. An experienced home inspector will explain the details and help you understand, explaining common issues and not-so-common issues. After your home inspection is complete, keep your report for future home improvements. 

Choosing Sharpline as Your Home Inspector

Whether you need a home inspection because you are buying your dream home or a vacation retreat, investing, flipping houses, renovating your existing home, or selling your home, Sharpline can give your peace of mind, ensuring there are no hidden issues to keep you from achieving your dream. 

With your home inspection, Sharpline offers a variety of FREE services including: 

  • 90-day limited structural and mechanical warranty.
  • 90-day remediation coverage if mold is present that was not found during your inspection.
  • 90-day coverage for normal wear and tear of your water and sewer lines.
  • 5-year roof leak repair protection following the date of our inspection.
  • Utility set-up for your new home (phone, tv, internet, alarm systems, and much more).
  • Fail-safe system to check public record for recalls on your home appliances.
  • FREE & FOREVER technical support on all home related questions.
  • Buy a 12-month warranty and get an extra 6 months at no additional charge (courtesy of Residential Warranty Services). 
  • Free Termite Inspection Report.
  • Free 90-day Termite Warranty.
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the inspection, not only will we refund the inspection fee, we will also pay for another licensed inspector of your choice, up to the original inspection fee.

Call today and let Sharpline Inspections give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Professional Home Inspection Company in Peoria AZ

Professional Home Inspection Company in Peoria AZ